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  • Fire Department of Liberty City



    Temporary Department Closure

    Effective August 25, 2021, the difficult decision was made by the New Team of Weapons and Tactics to temporarily close support for this department.

    The decision was made after careful review of available resources and the scarcity of available players and staff needed to upkeep the support of this department. By closing support for this department, the New Team of Weapons and Tactics can better focus its attention and efforts on more popular departments, games, and services, ultimately giving our members and guests a better experience.

    Because this department still means a great deal to us, we are not permanently closing the doors on it, and members are absolutely still encouraged and welcome to play the roles they wish to play. Unfortunately, official support and resources provided by the New Team of Weapons and Tactics will still remain unavailable unless and until there is a change in available players and personnel that we can acquire to be active in this department.

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