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  • Report Center

    Welcome to the Report Center, a centralized location designed to make reporting fast and simple. To begin, please select an option below:


    Report a Player

    Choose this option to report a player for service violations. For example, you can report players that cheat or violate rules on our game servers via this link.


    Report an Issue (Coming soon)

    Choose this option to report an issue, such as a service disruption or outage. For example, if you're lagging in one of our game servers, you can report this problem to us by using this link.


  • Report Guidelines and Tips

    Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world. Submitting helpful and meaningful reports is thus an important part of keeping our community safe and enjoyable for you and others. We simply cannot describe in words how much we appreciate those who take the time to submit reports to us.


    Evidence (Screenshots, Video, etc)

    That being said, remember that anyone can submit a report— and just because someone submits a report, doesn't mean it's factual and accurate. We have trained server administrators that monitor our systems and manually review and process all reports that are submitted, which is a timely and tedious process. Because of that, we encourage people submitting reports to be as detailed as possible, and to provide any and all evidence that they can to help support the claims they include in their report. Screenshots and videos and any other forms of proof available are always welcome and encouraged. While we do provide limited space for everyone to submit screenshots and aren't able to provide support for direct video uploads, we encourage people with video evidence to upload to a service (such as YouTube, Google Drive, One Drive, etc) and provide us links so we can review the footage.


    Player Report Reasons

    When reporting a player, you are able to select one or more reasons for reporting them when filing your report. In case you'd like further clarification, please see below for a description of each.

    Reason Description
    Cheat Use Select this reason when a player is found to be using cheats of any kind, such as hardware or software-based tools that allow them to do things outside of the game or service's normal abilities that typically give them unfair advantages over others in the game.
    Statpadding Also known as "boosting", this is when a player intentionally inflates or improves their score or statistics in such a way that is unproductive to the team, either via the use of exploits or cheats, and done either in cooperation with another player or solo.
    False Reporting When a player submits false reports against another player for nefarious purposes.
    Witness Intimidation When a player intimidates another player into not reporting them for one or more violations or other shady behavior.
    Disorderly Conduct When a player causes problems or somehow disturbs the peace, such as putting other players down for their lack of skills, style of gameplay, or such as when making racist or sexist remarks.
    Obscenity/Verbal Assault When a player is disrespectful to others verbally by either calling them names, shaming them, and the like.
    Policy Violation Used for when a player commits a general policy violation specific to a particular game or service, such as baseraping on a server where such activity is normally prohibited.
    Network Violation Used for general violations.
    Other Used to describe a reason that doesn't fit into any other category (please describe where possible in the Details section of your report).


    Submitting Reports Anonymously

    Please be rest assured that all report submissions are completely confidential. In the event a player is banned from one of our servers for violations that were found true in one or more reports, none of the people who submitted those reports will ever be named or revealed to anyone, including the violator(s) themselves.

    Toward the end of the report process, everyone is asked to provide their player name for the same game/service and platform combination as who they are reporting. This helps us keep track of reports, and helps us to prove the validity of the reports to an extent, since we can try to match your name in the list of players when searching through evidence and so forth. Providing your player name is optional, but encouraged. If you wish to submit your report anonymously, feel free to leave this blank.

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