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  • Why Choose Us?


    Many gaming clans and guilds enforce tedious requirements on their members. These can include things like requiring each member to be online for a minimum number of hours per week, mandatory daily visits to the clan/guild's websites, mandatory minimum number of posts per week or month, mandatory clan tags, and so forth. Sounds to us more like a job than a gaming community!

    Rest assured, we do not enforce such tedious— and if you ask us, silly— requirements here. With the exceptions of cheating, violating our generous gameplay rules, ToS, or breaking any laws, members can play when they want, where they want, and how they want!

    Clear and Flexible Rules and Policies

    Unlike many clans and guilds, our rules and policies are clear and flexible.

    All policies are available directly via our website and where possible, are also available as a stripped-down, printer-friendly format.

    Don't like one of our rules? Not to worry, as none of our rules are set-in-stone. Members (and even visitors) who do not like a particular rule, can speak up and let us know about it. After enough people speak up, we cast a vote for everyone to take part-in, on what people prefer we do with the rule: whether we slightly change it, heavily modify it, or completely get rid of it.

    Enterprise Hardware and Software Technologies

    We use the latest and greatest hardware and software technologies available to provide fast, stable, and efficient platforms for our members to play on and enjoy. Services that we provide our members include access to our official third-party cloud service providers, including Discord and Google Apps™ which includes Google® Mail, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, Sites, and more, a slew of on-premise systems such as game servers, voice servers for TeamSpeak 2, TeamSpeak 3, and Ventrilo, website software from DBMXPCA Technologies®, forums by Invision Power Services®, to off-premise services such as ranked game servers for popular games such as the Battlefield™ series and more.


    Other guilds and gaming communities of a similar caliper will impose a price to join their community— and most of them are not nearly as organized and professional as we are. In fairness, it is not easy— running a successful gaming community with the powerful hardware, software, and structure that we have does not come cheap nor does it come overnight.

    But even so, we believe those are costs that we as owners put forth to provide a stable and professional platform for all to enjoy. As such, membership here is absolutely free— it always has been and always will be.

  • Important Requirements

    The New Team of Weapons and Tactics imposes very relaxed requirements for applicants, due to its nature of being a casual gaming organization. However, there are a few important requirements which we have highlighted below. For more information and full details about our policies, please see our Gameplay Rules, Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policies, and Privacy Policy.

    Must Be 13 Years of Age Or Older

    Because the New Team of Weapons and Tactics is an organization based in the United States of America, we are bound by local and federal laws. Per the United States Federal law, located at 15 U.S.C. §§ 6501–6506, (the "Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule") (or "COPPA") states the following:

    COPPA imposes certain requirements on operators of websites or online services directed to children under 13 years of age, and on operators of other websites or online services that have actual knowledge that they are collecting personal information online from a child under 13 years of age.

    Unfortunately, due to to the nature of the complications involved with this law that make it mandatory to communicate with parents and/or guardians and limited administrative resources, the New Team of Weapons and Tactics cannot knowingly and lawfully permit applicants under the age of 13 to apply or join our services.

    Please note that this requirement exists only because of this federal law, and for no other reasons. While many communities will often disallow gaming with individuals under the age of 18 or something similar, we do not believe in such practices. It is our belief that it is the sole responsibility of parent(s) or guardian(s) to be permit what their child can play, assuming they are under 18 years of age and under the care of a parent or guardian. Also in our experience, we have found quite a few people younger than 18 to be far more mature and respectful than even those aged well-over 18, including those in their mid-40's.

    Multiple Memberships Prohibited

    For security and practicality reasons, members of the New Team of Weapons and Tactics may not hold a membership with any other gaming clan, guild, organization, or otherwise.

    No Cheating

    To ensure a fair gaming environment for all members and visitors here at the New Team of Weapons and Tactics, cheating of any kind is strictly prohibited and any behavior toward condoning the use of cheats will not be tolerated. Per organization policy, any prospective applicant who has cheated before and wishes to join the New Team of Weapons and Tactics may do so, based on the condition that they have been cheat-free (that is—they have not cheated in any game for a continuous period) for at least one (1) year or three-hundred and sixty-five (365) days. This includes cheating of any kind, including those not on-record and those that are on-record, such as any bans for cheat violations that are part of public record.

    For more information about our cheat and exploit policies, please refer to the Cheats section of our Gameplay Rules.


    How To Apply

    Joining the New Team of Weapons and Tactics is simple. Visitors who wish can apply to join the New Team of Weapons and Tactics— they are known as the applicant. The application process is similar to applying for a job— except it's much easier and there's no interview.

    To apply, applicants must:

    • Review, understand, and agree to our various terms, rules and policies:
    • Register an account on our site if they have not already done so.
    • Login to our site if they have not already done so.
    • Complete and submit the application form: (Sorry, applications are currently closed)
    • Wait for their application to be reviewed and processed. Applicants will b redirected to a post containing the application questions and their responses after they submit their application.
      • Allow up to fourteen (14) days for your application to be reviewed and processed.
      • Applicants can routinly check the status of their application by visiting the link they were redirected to, or by accessing directly from our submitted applications area here.
      • Applications are individually reviewed and either approved or denied based on the information provided by the applicant and our organization's terms of service, end user license agreement, and other policies.
      • Per organization policies, we reserve the right to perform a simple screening process on all applicants based on the information they have submitted to us, where we check the genuineness of select information with various available public records.
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