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    Migration from Google Apps - February 2022 For those who might not remember, in February 2022, the New Team of Weapons and Tactics migrated away from our cloud provider at the time, Google Apps. We had a suite of services with them including email. For a variety of reasons, some of which included improved security, better control of our own data, and cost savings, we migrated away from this to our own self-hosted "suite" of solutions, email included. Prior to leaving Google, we halted the receiving of emails and exported all of our data into separate per-user archives on Febru
  3. The New Team of Weapons and Tactics would like to alert its members and visitors to a recent security incident that occurred on the premise of our networks. On February 11, 2024, the Department of Information Technology at the New Team of Weapons and Tactics discovered that one of our servers had been compromised with a ransomware attack. The attack – known as LockBit – was found to be strategically embedded in an installer that one of our technicians utilized to perform regular maintenance on the server in question. The ransomware acted as a “time bomb”, not immediately acting u
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