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  • Battlefield 3

    Dating all the way back to 2012, the New Team of Weapons and Tactics and its earliest members (including our founders!) have been long term fans of Battlefield 3™— EA/DICE's twelfth installment in the Battlefield series. Due in-part to the game's overwhelming popularity at the time, many like-minded players saw the populace and knew they had to give the game a try. And there wasn't a single person that didn't enjoy the game.

    Unbeknownst to any of us at the time, the major success and hours of fun and that went into enjoying this game eventually formed the basis of who we are today. Originally known as the Team of Weapons And Tactics or "TWAT" for short (yes, we know), several players along with the original founder came together and decided to move to greener pastures and start a new journey— dedicated to making gaming together a better experience than ever before.


    The Team of Weapons And Tactics thrived for some time on the PlayStation™ 3 platform, even having our first dedicated gaming server for the game— Server #18765 with only one primary rule (which became a staple of our existence at the time), which was Don't be a dumbass! The purpose and biggest vision we had was to allow the game to be played like it was meant to be played: in a friendly and welcoming environment with no foolish rules to ruin the experience, such as prohibiting the use of weapons or restricting how many shotguns or snipers there could be, for example. Because most of the servers that were available (aside from the few official servers provided by DICE™ themselves) had either a number of restrictions imposed on gameplay or abusive server administrators who would abuse their authority and ruin the experience for other players, our server ended up finding a lot of traffic during its lifespan. Thanks to the help and management of our honest and hard-working game server administrators, our servers remained populated and popular for almost the entire lifespan that we owned them, which allowed us to do the very thing we wanted to do— have fun.

    Unfortunately, several of our founding members were in their late adolescents, life continued on and the departure of college and university made our management a little smaller. Despite our best efforts to keep the status quo, this proved difficult especially as years passed and newer games gained interest while player populations and interest for existing games slowly diminished. Some of our own team went on to other games, while others had taken up one or more jobs or careers, and others even started families, marking a major new beginning in their own lives. Although some of our team did get together a few times later on via the PC platform, this was short-lived due to complications in our schedules, insufficient lasting player-base, and at one point --- a newly-appointed staff member who ended up losing their minds to drugs and going rogue.

    Today, the New Team of Weapons and Tactics lives on with its original visions and traditions on the PC platform where Battlefield 3 forever holds a special place in our hearts.

    Go Fuck Yourself Battlefield Server #1 (PC)

    In 2019, our latest cooperation with some of our original founders along with other like-minded players, we deployed a new Battlefield 3 server with the same traditions as we had before— the Go Fuck Yourself Battlefield Server #1, available on Battlelog here. Feel free to join in on the fun!

    Our server used to have its own website, gfygaming.com. Unfortunately, the person who managed the website and domain went MIA some time after, resulting in the website and domain for it expiring and being bought out by a third-party. As such please note that the aforementioned domain is no longer under our control and should be avoided. Instead, all activities relating to this server will be kept on this website (ntwt.us) which is official property of the New Team of Weapons and Tactics.

    For more information on The Go Fuck Yourself Gaming Community, visit our dedicated page for it: https://www.ntwt.us/gfy/


    In-Game Chat Commands

    Command                       Description
    !y                            Use to Confirm/Yes a command if prompted.
    !n                            Use to Decline/No a command if prompted.
    !rules                        Display server rules.
    !admin reason                 Request an administrator for a particular purpose.
    !report player reason         Report a player for a particular purpose.
    !p                            Punish for the last teamkill.
    !f                            Forgive the last teamkill.
    !kv player reason             Start a kick vote against a player.
    !bv player reason             Start a ban vote against a player.
    1, 2, 3, or 4                 Use the appropriate number to vote for the next map when a map vote is in progress.





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