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GTA Online Safety Tips

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<div><div>Since GTA Online has been released on PC, there's undoubtedly been a slew of issues, namely in regard to (what I call) "malicious modders" or otherwise often referred to as either "griefers" or "script kiddies".

Throughout my time of gameplay and others' time of gameplay, I've gathered some information that I've kept to myself mainly not to be mean, but to keep the integrity of the knowledge at hand. The problem these days is that once something is found out, telling one person leads to the whole player base knowing usually within 24-48 hours and before you know it, that knowledge becomes abused in some form or another.


  • These tips are mainly from my experiences on PC, however some may undoubtedly be applicable for other networks/platforms as well.
  • I don't have much time at the moment, so I will update this overtime.
  • If anyone has anything to add, feel free to pitch in by posting a reply. I'll gladly add the info to this first post and give proper credit where it's due.



Going AFK / Stepping Away from the GTA Online


</div>Whether you're stepping away to get a coffee, take a bathroom break, or anything else for that matter, stepping away from your computer or console while logged on to GTA Online isn't really a great idea. Another "sport" in the world of GTA with Malicious Modders appears to be attempting to get other players (innocent or otherwise) banned. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Raining bags of money on you: This will result in an instant ban, usually within a few hours but within a maximum of 24 hours (at least on PC).
  • Framing you: Blowing up the entire lobby under your name. On PC, there's a reasonable amount of people that are aware of this ability and thus don't report you even if you're framed. However, most people, especially those who just play the game and don't do much reading/lurking around on the Internet (or simply haven't seen this) will NOT know that you're being framed and will instead proceed to report you. Obviously, with a lobby of many people, particularly anywhere from 5-29 other people, that's potentially 29 other reports on you and that's sadly also known to get people into trouble. You might not get banned, but you might be greeted with an unwanted move to the cheater pool.



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