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    Regional Police Service
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  • Leonida Regional Police Service


    Welcome to the homepage for the Leonida Regional Police Service or LRPS at the New Team of Weapons and Tactics, also known informally as the Leonida State Police, Leonida Police Department, and Leonida Regional State Police. This main department encompasses all of the police departments within Rockstar Games' second installment of Grand Theft Auto Online in Grand Theft Auto VI, including the Vice City Police Department, Vice-Dale Metropolitan Police, Port Gellhorn Police, Vice Beach Police, and the Kelly-County Sheriff's Department. Although these departments are merely the ones we heard of thus far, there is no-doubt quite a number of departments for a potentially large area of Leonida to cover. Here at the New Team of Weapons and Tactics, for the purposes of administration and officer availability, all police departments operate under the Leonida Regional State Police moniker, while still allowing its officers to operate at any of the police departments freely and at-will, with full jurisdiction throughout the state of Leonida.

    Applications are currently closed while we work hard to provision our databases, laws, guidelines, and computer systems while we wait patiently for the release of the next installment of Grand Theft Auto Online. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to finishing our provisioning stages and get closer to the release of the new game as we will be opening applications later on for anyone interested in joining. Initial platform support will begin with the PlayStation® 5 and— if enough applicants are available and show interest— possibly the XBox® Series X/S consoles, with definite plans to expand to PC once the game becomes available on said platform.

    This domain and its pages within serves as our ONLY official homepage.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Below, please find a list of commonly asked questions and their answers. We will keep this section updated with questions and answers as we get more of them, and update existing answers as we get more information available about the game.


    Is this a roleplay community?


    What is the difference between this and an actual roleplay community?

    A typical roleplay community will have a dedicated team that plays the part of a police force and another dedicated team of civilians. Civilians will typically drive around, either with or without a specific objective, and will usually commit traffic violations such as speeding, running red lights, running stop signs, etc— prompting for one or more members of the police team to initiate a traffic stop. From there, the offending civilian may choose to yield and pull over to accept the traffic stop, or refuse and attempt to initiate a pursuit. Police members will accordingly either attempt to initiate a routine traffic stop, most likely following the general procedures as-if the activity took place in real life. Specific roleplay communities or servers often will also take part in additional activities, such as offering a DMV/MVA/Motor Vehicle Department-type service to disperse virtual license rights to players in their servers which may dictate whether or not players may operate a motor vehicle, or even a virtual jail service wherein players who are arrested will be forced to wait in a virtual jail cell for a specific length of time before being allowed to play freely again.

    While the New Team of Weapons and Tactics always encourages people to play as they wish, most roleplay communities tend to have different objectives and play styles in mind. Moreover, most roleplay communities will usually involve some sort of scripted behavior, since they will have rules and regulations that their civilians must still abide by. In contrast, being a member of the police department here at the New Team of Weapons and Tactics will allow you to help real players in real situations, none of which are scripted. From helping to rescue a victim of a griefer escape while you subdue the griefer, to providing protective custody to a player transporting high-value business goods in a freemode session, the possibilities are endless and the rewards are real— you'll be helping real people.

    Wouldn't this get annoying for other people?

    No. The "laws" we attempt to enforce are generally written in such a way so that our actions are the least intrusive to others as possible. We don't care if you speed, run red lights, park in a no-parking zone, transport drugs, steal a vehicle, or even get into a consensual fight with another player. In truth, there is plenty more that we don't care about, but it would be nearly impossible to list every such thing. It's Grand Theft Auto after-all, so we expect some level of havoc and craziness to take place.

    In general, we leave people alone unless it becomes apparent in some fashion that they may need or want our help. It may not be the simplest to explain, but worry not, we've been doing this since 2008 in Grand Theft Auto IV's Liberty City and have continued in 2013 within Grand Theft Auto Online's Los Santos and have had no complaints (assuming we don't count those who are butt-hurt by what we do 😉). If we approach this objectively, the truth is that we are no different from any other run-of-the-mill organized players who play the game with other like-minded individuals. Can you imagine how many other crews, teams, gangs, posse, troops, brigades, etc there are in GTA Online? We are no different.

    What's even better, is that our laws are not set-in-stone. People are able to request changes to our laws at anytime on our website and we regularly cast votes to have them updated as needed, especially when the scenery in the game changes significantly for one reason or another. We also know that there's also a lot of negativity in the media relating to police and sometimes rightfully so. While we can't specifically address every incident, we assure you that we aim to be the good, honest, and even cool police. We are equals to everyone else in-game--- nothing makes us better or superior in any way, shape, or form.

    How many police/sheriff's departments will there be?

    Here at the New Team of Weapons and Tactics, we will be streamlining our operations by effectively consolidating all in-game police and sheriff's departments under a single entity: the Leonida Regional Police Service. Consolidating all in-game departments in this manner will allow us to keep all things simple, help us to maintain affordable operating costs, and ensure a smooth and cohesive operation of our services throughout the region of Leonida.

    Members will enjoy full jurisdiction throughout the entire region of Leonida, which will provide the ultimate flexibility and efficiency for both members of the department and the public who we proudly serve. Additionally, although vehicles and equipment classes will be generally dictated by rank (see FAQ #9 for more information), department members will otherwise have the full freedom to choose which agency vehicles and equipment within their permitted class to use at their own discretion.

    Will there be town or county-based jurisdictions? Or areas that individual departments are limited to patrolling?

    No— as a collective regional police service, members will generally be permitted to patrol in areas they so-desire, much like state police or highway patrol. Exceptions to this may be made on a case-by-case basis by request of a commanding officer or supervisor, such as to disperse units across the region for more broader coverage or to focus units in an area where more police presence might be needed.

    In the early days of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto Online, we initially had the Los Santos Police Department focused on the city and immediate outskirts while the Los Santos Sheriff's Department was responsible for patrolling the remaining areas north of the map. Reception to this was not horrific, but in general we found that players preferred not to be locked down to a particular area of the map, and preferred not to have department-specific jurisdictions, which led to us updating our policies where people could patrol as whichever department they preferred.

    How do you arrest players?

    This may sound gruesome or brutal, but since there is no actual in-game mechanic to actually arrest people, we do as the in-game AI police do— we aim to kill. Once killed, a player is considered to be arrested and they are considered punished for whatever crime(s) or offenses they committed. It's quick, efficient, and allows everyone to move-on with their in-game lives efficiently with little hassle.

    Each kill is counted as a single arrest. If someone is unable to be killed due to the use of cheats or exploits, they will be written a citation and no physical action will be taken in-game. If a person escapes, for example by leaving the session or hiding in their trailer/apartment/house/etc, they will be written as an incident where it is noted that they escaped, and no physical action will be taken in-game. For those who escaped while having committed more serious offenses, a warrant for their arrest may be written up, in which case all members of the police department will be notified to attempt to arrest on-sight (sort of like a bounty in GTA Online 🙃).

    Do you keep track of players who are arrested?

    Yes. Similar to our other departments that we operate, we will have an internal police database which we will use to keep track of players we've had interactions with.

    What platforms will you be supporting?

    In a perfect world, we'd like to support all platforms. Supporting a platform requires that there be sufficient number of members, both on the administrative side (ie.: sergeants and commanders) and of course the rank and file (ie.: patrol officers). Our team will initially begin support with the PlayStation® 5 version of the game, since this is the version of the game the majority of our members and staff will have at launch. If we are able to get enough players to join that play on the XBox® Series X/S platforms by the time the game launches on consoles, we will happily support that platform as well. Eventually when the game launches on PC, we will expand to include support for that platform as well.

    As with all of our past departments, due to the nature of players coming and going, support for different platforms is one of those things that will evolve and likely change over time. Platform support requires both sufficient number of members to serve both as the rank and file and for administration, so if the number of active members for a particular platform dip too low for prolonged periods of time, we will temporarily discontinue support for that platform. Historically, we typically begin with support on PlayStation® consoles and expand over-time as the game releases for new platforms. For example, today in GTA Online, the Los Santos Police Department is mostly understaffed on PlayStation® 4 and XBox® One consoles (and completely defunct on PlayStation® 3 and XBox® 360 due to the closure of GTA Online on those platforms) effectively resulting in PC being the most active platform that we support for that department at this time.

    What type of vehicles and/or equipment are department members permitted to use?

    Historically, for accurate representation of our members, we have always encouraged members to utilize specific equipment and vehicles that are clearly marked for police use, however the practicality of this varies by game and sometimes even by time.

    For example, in Grand Theft Auto IV, police cruisers were readily available at most precincts around the map, making it easy for department members to quickly acquire a vehicle and begin patrolling. Weapons on the other hand, had to be acquired by killing AI cops and/or security guards followed by losing any existing wanted levels prior to beginning patrol, and those weapons would be lost anytime the member died, requiring them to repeat the tedious process to acquire them again. By contrast, in Grand Theft Auto V's rendition of Grand Theft Auto Online, while members retain their personal arsenol of weapons at all times, police cruisers are not readily available at police stations and only in early 2024— over 10 years after game's initial release— was the ability for members to purchase their own law enforcement vehicles added to the game, and with extremely limited choices at that. Because of this, personal vehicles have been always been allowed to be used for police use.

    Needless to say, there is no telling what lies ahead when the next installment of Grand Theft Auto Online, especially in regard to what will or will not be available to us, so for specifics, we will have to wait and see.

    That being said, in general, certain ranks will have a list of permitted weapons they can use, as well as vehicles. While not necessarily strictly enforced, we encourage members to stick to the guidelines for better immersion. Finally, permitted equipment and vehicles are not permanent or set-in-stone, and will evolve and adapt as the game world itself evolves. For example, officers of the Los Santos Police Department were originally permitted to use a list of authorized pistols as their primary weapon. But revisions were made to those rules shortly after the introduction of the Oppressor Mk-II, to allow officers to use more lethal weapons when such situations arose.

    Is The Green Patrol Car on the Frontpage from GTA VI?

    No. It is a vehicle from a separate game with a prototype design of our police service, inspired by the spotting of a similar model in the first Grand Theft Auto VI trailer. We're merely toying around with the idea of potential vehicle customization in the next game, but at this time there's no telling the level of detailed customization we'll get, so this is merely a prototype and means nothing further.

  • Interested in Joining?


    This department will be dedicated to policing the streets and landscapes within the region of Leonida in free-mode and helping real players (the community) have fun. This will NOT consist of police and civilian teams that partake in scripted chases or scenarios as is usually the case with the usual "roleplay" community. We will police similar to the in-game AI-police, dismissing things like speeding and other minor traffic violations, while focusing on offenses including non-consensual assault, murder, griefing, and other actions of the sort.


    While we prepare for setting up things to get this new department up and running, we will soon be publishing the link to a form that we will be asking anyone who wishes to join the department fill out and submit. Please note that anyone who wishes to join the department MUST have an account registered here on our site. If you do not, you can do so here.























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