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Notice of "LondonTown2004" Scam, Hoax, and Corrupt Staff

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It has come to the attention of staff once again a few issues we felt the need to bring to bay. There has recently been an imposter who has gone under the name of "LondonTown2004", who has been making up lies of non-existent content, including anti-cheat measures and future DLC in Grand Theft Auto Online and more recently, Grand Theft Auto V.





All evidence, including links, photographs, and other file data provided by LondonTown2004 were personally investigated by Department of Information Technology staff here at the New Team of Weapons and Tactics and concluded to be false. Further, Department of Information Technology staff here have dissassembled large portions of the game and have heavily analyzed the contents and data both locally, and data transmitted over the network. In order to protect the integrity of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, as the game is already at security stakes as it stands, neither myself nor the Department of Information Technology, nor any other New Team of Weapons and Tactics staff will be posting any specific evidence gathered during the investigation.





Additionally, although we do not have archives of the content that once existed, LondonTown2004 was a frequent forumgoer on the site Se7enSins (http://www.se7ensins.com/), where much of his content (if not all) was personally posted by him. The shenanigans from LondonTown2004 began as far back in September of this year and continued on until recently, in late December. Se7enSins staff were contacted about these shenanigans and refused to admit that the individual was indeed a hoax, however they refused to acknowledge the obvious evidence we provided (debug strings and snippets from disassembled portions of the game, legitimate nti-cheat code snippets, and more):








On December 26th, LondonTown re-named several of his profile names on several different sites including Se7enSins and Twitter, and changed his profile photo to make his profile harder to identify. Further, his content on Se7enSins became to gradually disappear as further people commented. By December 28th, 2015, all content from LondonTown2004 was removed from the site and no word or announcement was made publicly regarding its removal. Upon inquiring about this, staff blatantly via Private Messaged claimed that they will be silently sweeping "this under the rug", hiding it from the very community they "care" about:








And as previously stated, although we do not have an archive of photos posted, one thing that stood out as an obvious fake (despite being claimed as legitimate by Se7enSins staff), were images posted by LondonTown2004, of the Rockstar Support "Admin Panel" that contained buttons to unban and move around support tickets. These screenshots all shared the same interface as the frontend, which is not what the real backend appears like, on the agent side of things. In conjuction with a corrupt agent who previously privately admitted to unbanning himself and his friends from GTA Online, so that they may continue to disrupt other games with modifications and other unauthorized cheats, the agent was kind to provide a quick screenshot of the real agent interface for the Rockstar Support system:








Despite us not having archives of the images shown by LondonTown2004, hopefully those who have seen and can remember the screenshots from LondonTown2004 can recall the images and notice the vast difference.





While the New Team of Weapons and Tactics does not wish to otherwise spread confidential or otherwise private information, we have felt this be a serious set of matters since members here have expressed concern with the information growing from the scammer known as LondonTown2004 and have been issuing private messages and other personal inquiries regarding the scammer. This announcement was made to hopefully make others fully aware of the situation at hand so that everyone can be dealt with accordingly.





Please note that scammers, false information, and the like are all strictly prohibited on our Network as described in our Terms of Service and Forum Policy, as described and available:




As a result, further speculation and discussion publicly is prohibited and this topic has been locked. For more information, or any other questions, please contact <abbr title="New Team of Weapons and Tactics">NTWT</abbr> Support.

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