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Officially Supported Games Jan, 2016

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I am proud to announce that we now officially support the following games/consoles. Including franchises that we have yet to officially support! 





- Destiny: PS3





- CoD: Black Ops III PS3 (first official <abbr title="New Team of Weapons and Tactics">NTWT</abbr> support for this franchise) 





- GTA V: GTA Online (started our PS3 recruiting) 





- Battlefield 4: PS3 (full support and server rental still in progress) 





Battlefield Hardline: PS3 (full support, recruitment and server rental still in progress) 





We will be adding to this list as time goes on and we recruit more members and rebuild our PlayStation community. 





>Destiny for PS3 is already up and running! We have our "clan page" set up on the bungie website we only have a few members for this game so far however we already have 2 admins, 4 including myself and Elementx777. Just type (<abbr title="New Team of Weapons and Tactics">NTWT</abbr>) into the Bungie's a search bar on their website it should be the first (and only) "group" that comes up. For more info please comment down below. 





>CoD: Black Ops III for PS3 is still undergoing recruitment for both members and admins! We should (if not already) have a "clan" page on the CoD (Call of Duty) website soon. If you want to join the CoD: Black Ops III community on <abbr title="New Team of Weapons and Tactics">NTWT</abbr> please contact myself or Elementx777 on PSN, comment below or send us a message on the site. 





>GTA Online for PS3 is already and has been up and running! Unfortunately we never really kicked off our PSN community for this game. We are focusing on that now and hopefully soon we will get many members seeing as though it is a very popular title. 





>Battlfield 4 for PS3 has been supported by <abbr title="New Team of Weapons and Tactics">NTWT</abbr> since it came out. However unfortunately we never fully supported this title due to many disappointing changes and differences from Battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 unfortunately is starting to die out and would no longer be benifitial to rent an <abbr title="New Team of Weapons and Tactics">NTWT</abbr> server. So to help rebuild our Battlefield community we have to move on to the future and not stay in the past. 





>Battlefield Hardline for PS3 is in no way fully supported by <abbr title="New Team of Weapons and Tactics">NTWT</abbr> just yet due to the fact that it's still relatively new and myself and Elementx777 does not yet own the game. I have played the beta and I gotta say I personally enjoyed it very much which is why I want us to start working on full support, servers and all ASAP. Unfortunately the downside is this title is a "next gen" based game meaning there may not be as many people playing on PS3 as there are on PS4. Either way we will definitely start full support for PS3 ASAP and see how it goes. 





We will be releasing more info regarding the status of the not yet fully supported titles. However don't be discouraged because of this if you want to join the community for one or more of these titles. The more people that play each of these titles the higher the priority for each title. 





-NOTE: As of right now the titles and status/info for each title above is listed based on current priority status. The priority of each title is based on the number of <abbr title="New Team of Weapons and Tactics">NTWT</abbr> members/admins that currently play one of these titles on a regular basis. The list above is listed from highest priority (top of list) to least priority (bottom of list). 





If anyone is interested in joining one of these titles communities, please comment below or contact myself or Elementx777. 

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