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  • Platform Support Status

    PCPlayStation® 3PlayStation® 4PlayStation® 5XBox 360XBox OneXBox Series X/SXBox Series XXBox Series S
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  • Platform Support Requirements

    It is important to note that we aim to support as many popular platforms as possible. All platforms that we hope to support are listed above, with their current support status indicated. At the New Team of Weapons and Tactics, in order for us to properly fully support a platform, several requirements must be met:

    There must be a minimum number of members available that play on the platform.

    In other words, we require that there is a minimum player population in order to justify support for a particular platform. While there is no hard-minimum per-se, we generally prefer to have at least 5-10 active members on each platform in order to provide active support. After all, what is the point of supporting a platform that has no population?

    That said however, exceptions can and have been made. For example, even a platform that has 2-4 active members is sufficient enough for active support assuming the members are actually active.

    There must be a minimum number of staff members available that play on the platform.

    In order to help keep things maintained and in-order for each platform, we require a minimum number of staff member for each platform. In general, we prefer a minimum of 2-3 staff members for every 25 members in a platform. We have found that this tends to works best in keeping a proper balance of work between different staff members. This is also designed to align with our Recommended Precinct Guidelines.

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