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Applications to join the Los Santos Police Department are now open! Click here to apply.

Please note that the LSPD website is still being updated to conform to the new website and during this time, resources may not be functional while their links are updated for the new system. Additionally, the police database and records management system is still under closed testing while it is being finalized. The Information Technology department will be rolling out the system to police department personnel as soon as the system is finalized. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.


How It Works

Members of the Los Santos Police Department patrol in public sessions of Grand Theft Auto Online and regularly respond to calls around the city as they roll in. Calls can come in a variety of forms including— but not limited to— a call relayed from dispatch, a phone call from a victim or witness, a text message, a notification that a player killed another player, or a notification of any particular crime or incident. Officers respond to such calls as they roll in, and as they are available. Higher priority calls (such as shots fired or an assault) will be responded to first and lower priority calls (such as minor domestic calls, incident reports, etc.) are responded to next.


In some cases, subjects will be placed under arrest by one or more members of the police department. Due to the fast-paced nature of Grand Theft Auto Online, the "method" we use to arrest a player is verbatim with the "method" used by the in-game AI-police in GTA Online: the player is killed. Once an offending player is killed, they are considered to have been "arrested" and released. Given the mechanics of GTA Online, it is not possible to jail a player, so they are (in essence) immediately released after their arrest.

Records & Reports

Every member of the police department fills out and files reports for every call they respond to througout their daily patrol. Reports are reviewed by police supservisor and either returned to an officer for further review or approved and signed-off by the supervisor. Once submitted, reports are kept permanently on-file with the police department's database and records management system. Due to the fast-paced nature of GTA Online, officers often take preliminary notes on a memo-pad while on-scene or immediately after leaving the scene of a call, and use their notes to submit a full report later on during their shift, or in some circumstances, another day.

All reports filed by police include the name(s) of any players involved, as well as their User ID which is recorded as their Driver's License # for easy identification, even if players change their names in the future.


The Los Santos Police Department sets forth basic laws in order to allow players in GTA Online to experience as much fun as they wish, without the feeling like they are being limited from fun. Our laws are adaptive, meaning they may change over the course of time.

  1. Civilians may disregard traffic lights, speed limits, and other standard traffic controls.

    • Police will not chase civilians if they do not follow traffic controls. As far as the police department is concerned, we have more serious offenses to deal with. We often disregard traffic controls ourselves, so these are not of our concern. That said, civilians should beware the potential consequences and accidents that may occur should they choose to disobey traffic laws and traffic controls. Police are allowed to arrest or cite for wreckless driving if a civilian has caused damage to government property. Consequently, accidents with police caused by negligent or wreckless driving is an offense that officers can arrest for. Any accidents caused by police will be noted, and the department will cover the cost of damage and, if applicable, the cost of any medical expenses directly resulting from such an accident.
  2. Civilians may fight with NPC Characters (AI civilians, police, etc) as they wish.

    • These are not real people in the eyes of the police department and the police department serves real players, not NPC's or bots.
  3. Civilians may possess and utilize one or more firearms or weapons of any kind.

    • The police department is happy to honor the second amendment of the United States Constitution, which states "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.". While such language has certainly created considerable debate regarding the Amendment's intended scope, the Los Santos Police Department has no interest in violating the rights of civilians. Civilians are allowed to have any weapon they are able to afford, either with or without our knowledge. Please note however, that aiming a firearm or firing at a police officer is a crime, as-is firing at a civilian unless for a specific reason, such as self-defense.
  4. Civilians may not assault other players.

    • Unless agreed upon that you and/or the persons involved are having fun by fighting each other, this is considered assault and civilians who engage in such activities may be arrested or cited by police. Civilians are permitted to defend themselves and retaliate against troublesome players, so if this is apparent, while police may wish to file a report of the incident, they are not likely to cite or arrest for it.
  5. Civilians may cause havoc to the city, assuming it does not affect other players.

    • The city of Los Santos is massive and thankfully, much of it is duly repaired after leaving the scene for any reasonable period of time, thanks to the fact that it takes place in Grand Theft Auto Online. So if a civilian wants to cause havoc to the city and run from NPC police with a 5-star wanted level, who are we to judge? Civilians: feel free to knock yourself out.
  6. Cheaters or "modders" are not permitted or tolerated.

    • In accordance with the GTA Online's Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct located at, as well as our own organization policies, members of the Los Santos Police Department play fairly and are not authorized to cheat. Civilians are no exceptions. Civilians found modding or cheating will be cited accordingly.
    • Note to police personnel: Due to the incendiary nature of many cheaters, standard policy is to cite cheaters and move-on (do not attempt an arrest). Follow standard procedure for citing a subject. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU DO NOT REPORT CHEATERS IN-GAME, due to many cheats automatically erasing reports and kicking those who submit them, causing undue stress and wasting valuable time. When filing the police report, you may file it as a citation or an arrest.



The are a total of 17 ranks in the Los Santos Police Department. The ranks from lowest to highest are as follows:

  1. Officer I
  2. Officer II
  3. Officer III
  4. Detective I
  5. Detective II
  6. Detective III
  7. Sergeant I
  8. Sergeant II
  9. Lieutenant I
  10. Lieutenant II
  11. Captain I
  12. Captain II
  13. Captain III
  14. Commander
  15. Deputy Chief I
  16. Deputy Chief II
  17. Chief of Police


Members of the Los Santos Police Department use a variety of vehicles to perform their daily duties. Purpose-built government-issued emergency service vehicles are used regularly, and in addition, officers are able to purchase and utilize their own civilian vehicles for duties as well.

Vapid Police Interceptor Sedan


Vapid Police Cruiser


Bravado Police Buffalo


Vapid Unmarked Police Cruiser