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    Here at the New Team of Weapons and Tactics, the Leonida Regional Police Service continues the tradition of providing a number of community and public safety services to the sprawling community of players in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online throughout the region of Leonida. The roots of this tradition date back to mid-2008 with the Liberty City Police Department which provided the very same services in Liberty City for Grand Theft Auto IV.

    Unlike the numerous police-based clans that typically operate in a "roleplay" fashion—where environments are tightly controlled, regulated, and often scripted with distinct teams for police and civilians—the police departments here at the New Team of Weapons and Tactics serves the actual global community of players engaged in unrestricted, public freemode sessions in GTA Online.

    This means our police personnel interact with real players who see no boundaries and contend with some of the most dangerous criminals known to exist. Unlike with most roleplay clans, there are no special separations or protections afforded to our police personnel; just like in real life, they are indistinguishable from any other player within the game. This means our officers must rely on advanced training, tactics, experience, and teamwork to ensure the safety of themselves, their team, and most importantly, the community we serve.


    Responding to Calls

    While on active duty, our police personnel patrol the map and respond to calls as they come in. Calls can be received through various channels, such as the kill-feed (notifications that appear when a player is killed by another player), direct phone calls, text messages, emails, or private messages from victims or witnesses. Our personnel regularly monitor kill-feeds.

    Police personnel prioritize each call based on several factors, including the frequency of a player being killed, a particular player killing multiple others, and, especially when resources are limited, the distance between personnel and the incident. For instance, if multiple players are on a killing spree and only one officer is available, the officer may prioritize the nearest call and respond accordingly.

    Upon arriving near the scene, officers will assess the situation before taking any action:

    • Are the parties involved actually being griefed? If so, the police will move in to arrest the griefer.
    • Are the parties involved playing together and killing each other playfully or training? In this case, the police will dismiss the call and move on.

    In some instances, police personnel may not need to physically respond to a call. For example, if officers witness a conversation in in-game chats where one player is committing acts of sexual exploitation against another party that is clearly a minor, the police will automatically cite the offender without taking physical action.

    Given the variety of potential calls and violations, procedures can differ. Our Laws and Violations page outlines the laws we enforce and, in some cases, the procedures for handling specific violations.


    Former Department Names/Aliases

    During the early stages of provisioning the department and prior to the Leonida Regional Police Service name being chosen as the final name of our department, we had been known under the following different names:

    • Leonida Regional State Police
    • Leonida State Police
    • Leonida Police Department
    • Vice-Madison Metro Police
    • Vice City Metropolitan Police

    These names were ultimately scrapped in favor of the Leonida Regional Police Service name which better described our department's vision and coverage of the entire region of Leonida rather than specific cities or counties.


    Web Presence & Domains

    Because the Leonida Regional Police Service is a department operated under the New Team of Weapons and Tactics, its website ultimately operates within the parent organization's domain, www.ntwt.us, with its homepage living at https://www.ntwt.us/games/gta/o/lrps. It can also be accessed through our ShortLink™ System via www.ntwt.us/go/lrps.

    Additionally, to mark our presence better on the Internet as a whole, the following domains are registered to the Leonida Regional Police Service and can also be used to access our website:

    • www.leonidaregionalpoliceservice.com
    • www.leonidastatepolice.com
    • www.leonidaregionalstatepolice.com

    Accessing our website via any of these domains will ultimately direct users to the normal department homepage living at https://www.ntwt.us/games/gta/o/lrps. The domains listed above and URLs shown in this section (including all sub-URLs of said pages) are the ONLY official web addresses utilized by the Leonida Regional Police Service here at the New Team of Weapons and Tactics— any other site is a scam.

    Should anyone come across another website using our name or logos, we ask that they kindly report this to us.


    Important Notes Regarding Our Services

    Given the nature of the video-game setting, there are notable differences and aspects worth mentioning that diverge from real-life, which have raised concerns or curiosity among some individuals.

    Public Databases and Statistics

    In our ongoing commitment to public safety, certain areas of our site may feature recent statistics on arrests, citations, and more. We also maintain a dedicated Sex Offender Registry, which is automatically updated whenever players are caught engaging in activities such as rape, incest, and offenses involving children and sex. Unlike traditional sex offender registries, which require offenders to self-register, our registry is updated in real-time following any arrest or citation, ensuring the public has access to the most current information.

    Arrests and Citations

    As we operate within a video game, there is no judicial process wherein a judge reviews each case to decide on convictions or dismissals. An in-game arrest involves killing a player, and this action cannot be undone. Consequently, it is impossible to physically "undo" an arrest. Unfortunately, as in real life, mistakes can occur, and innocent players may be arrested. Such incidents may result from false reports by witnesses or officer negligence during firearm discharge, among other reasons.

    While we do not excuse these mistakes, it is important to remember that errors are inevitable in any endeavor involving human judgment, particularly in scenarios requiring split-second decisions, as is often the case in police work. That said, arrests and citations made in error are generally not filed, or they are voided if already filed by the time the error is recognized. Our public information databases, including the Sex Offender Registry, will not display voided arrests or citations.


    Anyone who wishes to make any inquiries regarding our records, such as an arrest or citation that we have made, to either express concern or contest charges may do so by filing a Records Inquisition Request.





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