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Service Database NT Released, San Andreas State Police Now Active

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<p dir="ltr">Greetings all,

<p dir="ltr">The New Team of Weapons and Tactics is proud to announce the Pre-Alpha release of Service Database NT, marking the commencement of initial support for our long-awaited police department in GTA Online. The San Andreas State Police, our new police department, consists of two "sub-departments": the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) and the Los Santos Sheriff's Department (LSSD). The difference in the two departments are primarily jurisdictional where the LSPD focuses on the central and southern areas of the city, and the LSSD act as state police, with jurisdiction throughout the city, albeit focusing operations in the northern and countryside areas of the city. Please note that at this time, support for this department is now on PC only. Further, please note that the San Andreas State Police and further updates are only supported on Service Database NT. To streamline support, further updates will not be provided for Service Database 14 and we encourage users to begin using Service Database NT for better support, performance, and the additional availability of services and tools. Service Database NT can be accessed by using the navigation bar at the top of our website: Member Services > Service Database NT or by going to http://sd.teamofweaponsandtactics.com/.

<p dir="ltr">Departments

<p dir="ltr">The downtown areas of Los Santos is statistically the most dense in terms of player population. Thus, the LSPD (which takes responsibility in patrolling these areas) is expected to be the largest police department in Los Santos. By contrast, there are statistically far fewer players that reside or even "hang out" in the countryside areas of the map, and those that do, from research, are usually calmer, friendlier, and self-sufficient.

<p dir="ltr">Members and staff in each department are unique: LSPD members and staff are separate from LSSD members and vice-versa. However, as LSSD is serving as state police, LSSD members and staff may also operate vehicles of the LSPD and patrol anywhere throughout the city.

<p dir="ltr">All newly-joining members of the San Andreas State Police will have to pass the Preliminary Officer Examination, an examination which will be of similar nature to the Officer Examination required for the Liberty City Police Department. The Preliminary Officer Examination is currently being written; members who join prior to the exam's completion will have this requirement waived. Newly-joining members with little to no prior officer experience (in any other departments or other clans) must start at the Los Santos Police Department. Newly-joining members who have past officer experience either at the New Team of Weapons and Tactics or at some other clan, organization, or group may be offered a position at the Los Santos Sheriff's Department. More details about the Preliminary Officer Examination will be announced in the coming weeks.

<p dir="ltr">Transfers

<p dir="ltr">Officers of the LSPD are more than welcome to patrol areas outside of the central city and can make their way around the countryside, but they should focus on staying in the central areas of the city. Nonetheless, sometimes officers may wish to have a "change in scenery" every now and then. There is a process for this, known as the transfer process. As mentioned previously in another section, officers at the Los Santos Sheriff's Department have state-wide jurisdiction and further may operate vehicles and equipment of the Los Santos Police Department as well -- thus, the transfer process is primarily designed for officers in the LSPD who wish to transfer to the LSSD.

<p dir="ltr">To transfer from the LSPD to the LSSD, you must be a Rank II or higher at the LSPD. Further, when transferring from the LSPD to the LSSD, ranks do not entirely transfer: instead, they start from a single previous rank. For example, a Rank II LSPD officer can transfer to the LSSD as a Rank I LSSD officer, a Rank III LSPD officer can transfer to the LSSD as a Rank II LSSD officer, and so on. Officers transferring from the LSSD to the LSPD however will retain the same rank level. For more information on ranks, see the Ranking section.

<p dir="ltr">Officers can transfer once every 90 days.

<p dir="ltr">Ranking

<p dir="ltr">Ranking is done on a per-department basis and is department-dependent: that is, an officer at the LSPD will not have the same ranking as if they would at the LSSD. Each department has five ranks (I, II, III, IV, V), whose names and exact responsibilities will be detailed in an upcoming announcement.


There are currently three primary staff members at this time who are maintaining and supporting the San Andreas State Police: ClareXoBearrx3, DJ_Jared, and Antares_Soldier --- all of whom are part of the Los Santos Sheriff's Department. If anyone has any questions or concerns, you may speak to any staff member in-game or post publicly in our forums and a staff officer will respond.

Upcoming Updates

Though support for the San Andreas State Police has begun, it is still in its beginning stages and as such, we ask everyone's cooperation and patience while we continue to build the remainder of the department. The San Andreas State Police (SASP) website and its pages are being worked on in addition to the ranking system and other various member resources. Please stay tuned for a new announcement detailing them in the coming weeks.

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