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Ban Appeal Procedures [** READ BEFORE MAKING AN APPEAL **]


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BATTLEFIELD 2142[/center:2rey1b50]



If you would like to appeal a ban that was enforced on you from one or more of our servers, you may post an appeal by following the procedures as outlined here. Note that if you were banned by PunkBuster or Evenbalance, there is nothing we can do about it. Bans issued by them are out of our jurisdiction and we thus have no control over them. If you feel you were wrongfully banned by PunkBuster or Evenbalance, we encourage you to visit their website.





Post a new topic in the ban appeal section.

In the topic, provide: your current soldier name, soldier name at the time you were banned, date you were banned, server serial number that you were banned on, stated reason for your ban, an explanation detailing why you believe you deserve to be unbanned, and any additional notes that you wish to provide.


To provide the above information, copy the code in the box below and paste it directly into your post:



[b]Soldier Name:[/b] XXX
[b]Soldier Name (at time of ban):[/b] XXX
[b]Date Banned:[/b] XXX
[b]Server Serial #:[/b] XXX
[b]Stated Reason for Ban:[/b] XXX
[b]Explanation for Appeal:[/b] XXX
[b]Additional Notes:[/b] XXX




<ol style="list-style-type: decimal">[*]After pasting the code above into your post, input the appropriate information by replacing the XXX portions for each piece of information.[/*:m:2rey1b50]

[*]Finally, indicate the subject of your post as: Ban Appeal - XXX where XXX is your current soldier name.[/*:m:2rey1b50]

[*]When finished, ensure that all information is correctly entered and submit your post.[/*:m:2rey1b50]</ol>




Your appeal will be visible to the public and able to be discussed amongst anyone who has an active account here on our Community Forums. You may be asked a series of questions or have other users comment on your appeal. When applicable, simply respond how you see fit.


After one to two weeks, game leaders will make a final decision based on the circumstances of your ban and the comments throughout the topic. Once a decision has been finalized, a game leader will post a final reply indicating the final outcome of your appeal. Appeal topics will generally be locked shortly after the final decision has been posted. Appeals that are denied will be immediately closed by having the topic locked.




  • ALWAYS POST A NEW TOPIC FOR AN APPEAL. Do NOT hijack or use an existing topic or thread for your appeal. Appeals made in the incorrect place will be deleted without warning.
  • COPY AND PASTE THE PROVIDED CODE ABOVE TO FORMAT YOUR APPEAL. Do NOT make up your own format. Only change the values marked with XXX appropriately.[/*:m:2rey1b50]
  • PROVIDE *ALL* REQUESTED INFORMATION IN YOUR APPEAL. Do NOT leave anything blank. If your soldier name is the same as it was when you were banned, still indicate it - do not leave either blank. If you cannot remember something (such as a date), give an approximation and make note of it in the Additional Notes section.[/*:m:2rey1b50]
  • DO NOT BUMP YOUR APPEAL. Posting a reply to get your appeal to the top of the list is NOT permitted. As long as your appeal exists, it will be seen - so be patient. Bumping of an appeal topic will result in immediate denial of the appeal.[/*:m:2rey1b50]
  • DO NOT SEND MESSAGES TO PEOPLE ABOUT YOUR APPEAL. It is prohibited that you send messages to others regarding your appeal. Once your appeal has been posted, it will be seen and overtime will be proccessed. Messaging others about it will not speed up the process and will instead, result in immediate denial of the appeal.[/*:m:2rey1b50]

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