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Back Online & June 2015 Updates

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<p dir="ltr">Greetings all,

<p dir="ltr">The Department of Information Technology at the New Team of Weapons and Tactics is proud to announce the recent successful organization network platform migration.  This migration moved from a courtesy-provided platform that was still in development and had various bugs to a newer, more stable platform with new options and extended social features:

<ul dir="ltr">[*]Improved Profile Features[*]Improved Status Updates[*]Profile Visitors[*]All-new Downloads Center</ul><p dir="ltr">Network Integration with our Main Website

<p dir="ltr">In addition to the platform migration, we've made some changes to the front-end of our entire network:

Network-specific sections in both private member areas and public areas have been deprecated to reduce clutter. No more separate PC and PlayStation Network discussion forums. Most games across different network platforms differ only in a few places (i.e.: map size, graphics options, etc) and are similar enough otherwise. If you need to post something that is platform specific, you may do so within the topic title or via tagging. The only exception to this are Ban Appeal sections.

An all-new look. The New Team of Weapons and Tactics is taking on the overall look of simplicity to streamline overall operations and ease the feel of the website.

<p dir="ltr">Platform Network Naming Conventions

<p dir="ltr">As there are now effectively two different versions of the PlayStation Network that are not clearly distinguished by Sony, the New Team of Weapons and Tactics will from hereon out refer to the networks separately as follows:

<p dir="ltr">PlayStation Network 2006 - The original version of the PlayStation Network available on the PlayStation 3.

<p dir="ltr">PlayStation Network 2013 - The updated and subscription-based version of the PlayStation Network available on the PlayStation 4.

<p dir="ltr">The PC Network will retain its name as usual since there are no adjacent "generations" of PC's where games typically lose compatibility on newer PC's (this is assuming that we're not talking about big jumps e.g.: from a computer running Windows 3.1 to a computer running Windows 8.1).


The New Team of Weapons and Tactics is dedicated to providing a streamlined platform gaming experience for its members and users of its services. Further updates will ensue during regular operative times to ensure continued updates and fixes. For any questions, comments, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to ask or voice your opinions by replying to this topic.

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