Solved windows 10


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Dec 3, 1997
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We did not experience any issues with running it in Windows 10, however, some users have reported that they experienced some un-explainable issues with Windows 10. Unfortunately due to my schedule and the design of that project, I will be starting over soon and will only be able to provide basic support for this version until the new one is released. I haven't an ETA for it, but it'll definitely be a while.


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Jun 2, 2016
Lots of things to consider with Windows 10, I've had a very rocky road with the OS myself, namely the "mouse lag" issue(s) which refuse to go away ----> all kinds of compatibility stuff.

This is in fact my very first post on NTWT and I just got my key.  Regardless, I have crash-course figured out how to navigate a bunch of Win10 stuff so if nothing else, let it be said I'm willing to help if I can at all. 

Gonna go get my hands dirty now!   Good luck!