Thoughts so far?


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Jul 29, 2013
So I'm not buying BF4 until maybe at the end of Nov when I buy the PS4. I was reading that there are a lot of issues on the PC like hacks/cheats, as well frame rate issues. I don't play on the PC so it doesn't effect me. For those who bought it for PS3 or 360, what are your thoughts on the game so far?


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Dec 3, 1997
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Well as far as I know, I wasnt aware of framerate issues (that was the beta). Could be a few still, but.I think the majority issues have been fixed. My game had crashed a couple of times, but that is to be expected on a netbook. Anyhow, I'm curious how it's running for people on PS3 or XBox. As for myself, I can't really judge it too much since I've got everything at the lowest settings and resolution, but I will say it's a bit sketchy it seems. Some of the movements seem cartoonish, the spawning mechanics haven't been improved (I still have spawned in front of an enemy LAV only to die three instant I spawned), the unlock system is....Well....a thing of its own. I don't mind it per say, but one of the things I want is my M1911 and I can't get it until I get a relatively high pistol score. I'll just have to spend time killing with my pistol for now. I do sort of like what they did with Battlepacks etc, but there's other things that are more important than that. I'd give it a 7/10.