Service Database 14: Screenshot & Information


All in time.
Dec 3, 1997
New York
Hello everyone,

The Service Database is well underway and I've went ahead and taken a screenshot at its current stage. There are some visual effects that are not as obvious in the screenshot that have been applied to the new Service Database 14. The sidebar menu has been replaced with a horizontal menu bar, to better suit the interface. In addition, the menu bar has been made and rendered partially transparent, to give the Service Database a more fluid-type feel.


Drop down menus were originally made transparent, but due to overlapping text from the desktop and/or content area with the menu rendering the menu difficult to read, transparency has been eliminated from the drop-down menus. Drop down menus are accessed by hovering over the menu option. In addition, for devices that do not support hovering over items (such as particular mobile devices), clicking on the menu option brings you to a full-fledged menu in itself.

The development is still underway with various things to be finished. Another important feature is help documentation, which has never before been included with older versions of the Service Database. This in itself does take some time, but I will be doing everything at a reasonable pace to hopefully get this out as its ready.