Server Migration Complete


All in time.
Dec 3, 1997
New York
Hello everyone,

This is just a final announcement that our server migration is complete. Our TeamSpeak 3 server is the only thing left to be migrated over, which will be done in due time. This server is essentially a dedicated server, so it will be faster and more reliable than the older one.

All settings including users, topics, forums, and permissions were kept in the migration. Note that due to the fresh installation, avatars and other direct images were not preserved. Images that were linked to an off-site server are kept since they are simply links to a separate server. Rest assured, this is our final move, and you can update all profile options as necessary.

Lastly, rank images (the badges) will be soon replaced with slightly different designed and higher quality ones, so those will also not appear until later. As a gratitude for everyone's patience and cooperation, all members (except of course founders, co-founders, and supervisors) will be getting a single promotion once all is finished.

A new revision to our main website is underway which, when released, will include our new logo and trademarks, and will be fully-integrated with the Service Database. This particular revision won't be released for a while, but will be worked on as much as possible.

IF there are any problems or questions, don't hesitate to reply to this thread.