Rage Kicking

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Sep 29, 2013
Id like to report an admin here for fucking around on shit.

So ive been playing on ur servers almost regularly. I got kicked 3 days ago by ZONAR_83 or whatever his/her name is twice and would like to know why. We were playin on caspian border and while i was sniping some guy zonar somehow jumped in my line of fire while i shot the guy with my m98...zonar was trying to knife him i think but of course i already took the shot and it killed both of them. i saw the tags and was like oh shit! so i sent him a message saying 'sorry, was sniping the guy'........never got a response. Then next thing i know i got kicked. i thought nothing of it and joined back in and was put in his squad. then he saw me and kicked me again (i assume it was him b/c when he saw me, he stopped moving and his character stood there....then BOOM, i got kicked). i sent him a message after saying that the first time was a mistake and he still never responded. I came back in hoping that this shit was done but a few minutes after spawning in, i was teamkilled by him and then banned b4 i could do anything.

is this how you treat ppl? or wtf? ive played while other admins were on and wasnt treated like this.....but then again....i didnt teamkill anyone. DA FUCK?!


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Dec 3, 1997
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Re: Rage Kicking


Sorry to hear about this. Can you provide a link to the Battle Report for when this incident occurred?


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Jul 30, 2013
Re: Rage Kicking

This was an official NTWT FBI test investigation completed by an overseas agent.
This case is now closed; further discussion of this topic is prohibited.
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