Notice to BF3 Server Admins


All in time.
Dec 3, 1997
New York
I want to make it very clear well in advance to everyone that our upcoming new main website will have rules clearly written in the proper place. That said, it is required and expected that you (as a server admin) be clearly aware of all server rules for servers which you are an active administrator on. It is solely your responsibility to read and understand all rules listed along with possible exceptions and remedies for each rule and violation, respectively. Should you not understand a particular rule (or several rules), it is your responsibility to ask, by posting a thread in the appropriate forum section.

Admins found wrongfully kicking and/or banning players will be warned once. Sequential occurrences will result in removal of your administrative rights from the game server in whole. All rules on the new website will be easy to find and similarly, easy to lookup. So that said, we don't necessarily expect you to memorize all the rules, but you must be clear on them and if not, be ready to look them up before taking administrative actions to remove someone from the server. Kicking and banning players for violations that are not actually stated as violations in our rules is extremely unprofessional and will NOT be tolerated, so it is important that you have a good grip of the rules in whole.

Similarly, admins found yelling at players or admins for violating rules that aren't actually stated as violations in our rules will have negative consequences as this shows that the administrator is clearly not aware of the the rules in question. Such occurrences will have the same circumstances as mentioned above.

There is a fine line between a "clan", "guild", and "organization". This is an organization, which means we follow standard procedures which are made clear in policies and everything is done in an organized manner. If a rule is not specifically stated in our rules, then it's not a rule.

As a note to players on our server: Server administrators are required (and trained) to know rules and procedures for our game servers. Thus, if an administrator tells you to do something (or stop doing something), your best bet is to do what they say, at least for the time being. If you find that they were wrongful in their order(s), you may report them on our website (or by sending me a message) at anytime. Please note that sending me messages on the PlayStation Network will get you virtually nowhere; I sign-in to check messages once or twice every two months, if not more and don't usually have enough time to reply to all of them.