Logos Finalized


All in time.
Dec 3, 1997
New York
Hello everyone,

Just a short announcement that our new logos have been finalized and applied to all known services. I know our logo has changed several times over the past 4-5 months, but the logo(s) hadn't been truly finalized until now.

That said, the logo(s) have been pushed out on all known services and locations. Server banners, as such, have also been updated. There are two versions of possible server banner designs you may see. The most common you will see is the white/blue themed banner. The black/white version is typically used for either unranked servers and sometimes, on "normal" servers. Generally speaking, the black/white banners are rare and most likely will not be seen.

White/Blue Server Banner:

Black/White Server Banner:

NTWT Logo:

NTWT Logo with seal and "CPR" trademark:

FBI Logo: