GTA won't Start!


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Aug 7, 2013
     I am having a hard time trying to figure out what is going wrong. I downloaded GTA IV from Steam. I go to start it. a window comes up asking me to sign into the rockstar social club. I put the correct credentials and click play. After that nothing happens. The rockstar social club window closes like it should however the game doesn't open/run. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling many times but to no avail.
     I am running Windows 10, 4GB ram, Intel HD graphics and intel core i3 processor.
     I'm pretty sure its probably my firewall blocking the program or something like that. I looked up minimum requirements and my pc meets those requirements. I also remember having this same problem with my old Alienware PC with much better specs except it had windows 8. But it still had the same problem. However I cant remember what I did to resolve the problem.
     Please help anyone I am having a gaming relapse lol I cant get a PS3 till Thursday and I'm hoping GTA IV can hold me over till then lol


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Dec 3, 1997
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Which Intel HD graphics specifically do you have? (i.e.: 3000, 4000, etc)
Which CPU model do you have? (i.e.: i3-3570, etc)
Also, you can try setting the properties of all the EXE's to run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 or Windows Vista to see if any of those work. This is actually not an uncommon problem and there are billions of topics on other websites with people having the same issue, so you might find help elsewhere too <fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.gif