Grand Theft Auto Online: The Manual


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Dec 3, 1997
New York
Hello everyone,

With the recent announcement to Grand Theft Auto V coming to PC and next generation consoles, I've taken the time to start writing a "manual" for GTA Online, partly to help myself get acquainted with the game mechanics and additionally to help my other members and friends who have yet to play the game. I'm the CTO and Chairman of NTWT (not important right now, but those are the "members" I'm referring to). I haven't been on these forums in a while (since the extended quietness of GTA V back in 2013) and some of the game's mechanics (like driving, etc) I heard of were disappointing and as I was in college and didn't bring my PS3 with me, I never bothered buying the game. Anyway, I'll hopefully be purchasing the game for PC when it goes on sale and meanwhile am looking to write a short "manual" to help clarify some of the game's mechanics. That said, though it's a "Member's Manual", I'm planning on releasing it publicly so everyone can benefit from it.

Keeping in mind I'm juggling work, school, studies, and running of NTWT, my time is limited but nonetheless, I'll continue to work on this when I have a little spare time. The reason I chose to work on this is that I looked a few places online to try and get a glimpse of how things work and what to expect, but the official manual wasn't of much help, so my primary focus is for the Online portion of the game, which can of course be expanded overtime as new DLC's come out, etc.

I'm looking for input on what anyone thinks, etc (this is my first public document) and to be honest, I haven't actually played GTA V -- so my knowledge on the subject is very little.

I've exported a Public Draft revision of the manual -- it is incomplete and I'm releasing it to the public to get opinions on the idea, format, content, and accuracy. If anyone would like to help out and assist, that'd be great as I'd like this to eventually be a manual applicable for all platforms (eventually, I'll include control layouts, etc for platform specific things and whatnot). Ultimately, I can even include a FAQ section for frequently asked questions and their answers.

Link: ... jNzdDJETWs

I've posted the original thread at GTAForums, a very popular fan-based GTA community (link is here: ... he-manual/). Members here can simply give their input directly to *this* thread or, if you have an account on GTAForums, you can reply there.
Thanks for your input!