Grand Theft Auto IV for PC - Multiplayer Shutting Down (March 2020)


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Dec 3, 1997
New York
It has come to our attention from various news articles including the official product on the Steam store located here: that Grand Theft Auto IV will be returning to the store for purchase in mid-March 2020, with a number of changes to the game. Among the various changes will be the removal of the Games for Windows Live dependency. While this is an area of controversy that many might be fond of, unfortunately along with the removal of this service, the multiplayer areas of the game will also be removed.

Please refer to the snapshot of the official announcement below for details:


Please note that in light of this unfortunate result, the future of multiplayer support for Grand Theft Auto IV and its departments for the PC platform is currently unknown. Depending on player demand and available resources, we may or may not be able to source third-party tools to facilitate the support of multiplayer in a more unofficial manner, such as the case with many popular third-party software that is available, such as SA-MP and FiveM.

While we investigate and look into the future mechanics of the game, please note that applications for the Liberty City Police Department, Fire Department of Liberty City, Liberty City Medical Services, and Liberty City Transport Authority on the PC platform have been closed until further notice.