Forum Style Update


All in time.
Dec 3, 1997
New York
Hello everyone,

After talking to one of my staff members, they admitted to me that there were some people not too happy with the "Windows" themed style that we were using (for those interested, it was called "Aero"). They complained of small icons and an overall format that was difficult to read/get used to. I had requests to change to our old board software (Invision Power Board) but unfortunately, that cannot be done for various technical and conceptual reasons that are too numerous to list at this time.

I've installed an updated style that hopefully feels better and has a more comfortable UI to it. phpBB3 was originally released years ago (sometime around 2006/2007) and back then, there weren't many fluid and fancy styles found on websites. Though its received updates since, the base version is still the same.

Anyhow, with installing the theme, I have forced it on everyone, including the guest user (people not logged in). This way, everyone can get a chance to see it and try it out. Eventually, after a week or two, I will re-enable the previous Aero style, leaving this new style as the default. Users can then individually switch between the two styles in their User Control Panel by going to UCP > Board Preferences (Note that this will not show up right now or will appear greyed out as I have forced the new style on everyone for the time being).

If anyone has any questions, comments, or issues, please post them. :)