BF2142 Server is Up and Running


All in time.
Dec 3, 1997
New York
Hello everyone,

As of yesterday, our Battlefield 2142 Ranked Server (#28765) is now up and running. We've started it out at 16 players, due to cost constraints and will keep it running, as long as it gets used regularly. Donations are always accepted and as always, will get you perks depending on how much you donate.

[center:2q1u47o2] [/center:2q1u47o2]

Donations options are as follows:

$5/month = reserved slot
$10/month = kick and ban admin rights (in-game admin)
$15/month = full admin rights (kick, ban, manage ban list, change map, set map, restart server)

Donations are handled via PayPal. To donate, simply contact me (ClareXoBearx3) via private message (PM) and I will give you further instructions. Once your donation is received, I will manually make all changes to the server and grant you your perks within 24 hours.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to let us know. Have fun!