Anyone Dissapointed with GTA V?


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Aug 9, 2013
Because I am.

- No gore
- No crumbling brick walls
- little bushes everywhere that stop you dead in your tracks/wreck your cars
- No crouching - cover is only allowed on predesignated objects - no help from geography or objects you aren't standing against.
- No roll button, can't roll without a weapon equipped
- No "retry" or "cancel" option until you die or fail a mission.
- terrible car/plane/bike handling
- No control over what kind of punches or kicks you throw
- 3 crashes on a bicycle and you're dead.
- No camping like in RDR.
- No RDR-style hunting/trade. Takes any sense of purpose out of the hunting.
- the text for button prompts and in parts of the pause menus is too small to read - on the biggest tv I've ever owned even.
- Forces a boring-ass stock market "experience" on you
- Forces the cell phone on you, but the camera won't even save pictures if you're not playing online. Horsesh*t.
- the prostitute 'experience' is offensively bad. They don't just hop in your car and get to it, it's a whole cutscene presentation that you can't cancel out of and it's just bad.
- They force realism on you in every aspect, but the cars twist/slide on an axis that's floating above the pavement.
- You die or get badly injured by slipping/stumbling on a slope, but flip your convertible with it's top down and you can roll around on the back of the car/your head like a turtle, and there's no visible damage.
- The cars handle more like bikes in the air than bicycles do.
- The explosions are all the same, an ugly effervescent black/yellow, and they transfer from car to car like a ghost. Not real looking at all. Compare them to the ones in Just Cause 2
- Compare EVERYTHING about this game to Just Cause 2, which came out 5 years ago... It's amazing how much worse gta is in many basic aspects.
- people catch fire like magic
- can't get out of a flying/tumbling car until it comes to a complete stop, and when you do, it's incredibly slow.
- Can't bail out of a vehicle, even at low speeds, without injury
- Near-invisible reticle
- Super-sensitive wanted meter, but you can't even aim a gun out a window without it firing automatically nonstop.
- No binoculars/telescope and the camera doesn't work offline
- Constantly pushing the ifruit crap and other online services even though there's no internet connection.

Way too many little things for it to be an accident. It's shady business and I won't support them after this.

Look at all the recent NSA/prism stuff... If you think rockstar isn't making money on more than just microtransactions, you're an idiot. Play the friend request/life invader mission a couple of times and look at the data farming stuff they're rubbing in our faces.

Oh! And:

- losing more money every time you die than you earn on most missions
- pointless properties
- the hand-holding is atrocious. You can't step out of any of their bounds. can't do what you're told to do until you're told to do it, and if it's a mission where you actually can do something off-plot, you won't get credit for it/you'll fail, and the game won't say why, so you may end up repeatedly failing/getting frustrated by doing the right thing, just 'at the wrong time.' I'm thinking specifically of the flight school garbage.
- the missions are all pre-determinned and it feels like you're just tapping buttons through an "interactive" cgi sequence. They'll control when you can or can't run. They'll control when you can or can't draw a weapon. They'll control when you can or can't drive faster than a target. Plenty more examples if you want them. They'll control which characters you can or can't hit/shoot.
- Play any good car game from the 90s or 2000s. Or any game with good plane handling. Or games with motorcycles. The controls in this game should have been better than old games, not worse.
- They force realism where it's not fun, and remove it from where it would be. You complain about dying to easily on foot and people mock you for complaining about it being too realistic, and then you complain about the totally unrealistic car stuff and they deride you saying It's a video game.
- They removed classic car controls, x for gas square for brake, something people really liked/wanted, but force you to tap x for walking/biking. Really takes some fun out of biking.
- the fact that you have to sit through the yoga mission. This is nothing less than insulting.
- To roll, you must first equip a weapon, then hold one button, then press another. 3-4 button preses for a roll. yeah, real fun.
- there's more, much more, it's crazy that people are saying it's perfect. that the cars and mechanics are just right. You're all insane, I can't imagine how sh*tty games are going to be in 20 years withs tuff like this happening.

I really don't understand people giving this game a 10/10. At least I can take cover and roll in GTA IV without stupid requirements. Sheesh.

And Rockstar's solution to a fix? Remove the feature. Rockstar, EA, and all those other companies are so fucking alike. Release a game full of glitches and it'll take forever to fix (otherwise, they'll remove a feature to fix something). Fucking ballsack.


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Jul 29, 2013
Re: Anyone Dissapointed with GTA V?

I wouldn't give it a 10/10, but I like it. Haven't played it in a while, but still fun I guess. I prefer it more than that game they call GTA4. That for me was hands down the worst GTA game I've played.

I wouldn't say they force the stock markets down our throats, don't even need to use it. Used it at the start to see what it was like and stopped using it. Only time I would use it was when Lester called me and told me to do what he wanted.

I agree with the bikes, but the cars and plane were easy to fly. Planes were hard to fly at first, but once you take those Flying Lessions and know every trick they teach you, it was easy. Are you sure you can't get out of a car when it's rolling over, It worked for me last week when I was playing online, but was in the passenger door instead.

Houses seem to be pointless though. Bough the $400k house (online) 2 weeks ago expecting something to be amazing and playable inside, but nope....nothing. It's just a way to keep damn cars!!

Yoga mission was stupid. Not sure why they force you to do yoga anyways, as well the options later to do it....just pointless

Not sure what you mean by the cover system. I was able to hide behind anything really. Cars, buildings/walls. Haven't tried barrels or stuff like that though.

I forget about the RDR hunting system so I can't comment. I think they should have done something more with the hunting system though. Really pointless. All they give you is a whistle>take pic>send to guy>get money. I was expecting you could stuff them, hang them on walls in your house or something

Crouching: Would have been better if they added that, instead of that leaning forward thing or whatever

Bushes: Yep, still invincible

Money; Meh, didn't lose much. Found money in the game was easy anyways

Music: Wasn't a fan of the music. Only had to listen to that Los Santos Rock, the one with Queen and 70s-80s music. Would have been nice if they added better songs, or a playlist I could make for songs that I only want to hear from each station.

It's a fun game in my opinion, but I wouldn't say 10/10 like IGN is, and others i'm sure. This is the same IGN that gave GTA4 10/10 and NO way was that a 10/10 game.


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Aug 9, 2013
Re: Anyone Dissapointed with GTA V?

Well, I personally wouldn't say GTA IV was the worst. I will agree though, it wasn't the best in overall respect to the purpose of GTA games. I've been hanging around in GTA IV lately just due to being bored of GTA V. Perhaps my copy was partly damaged (not sure) but there were just too many things I severely disliked about it.

My biggest issues were:

> Friends had virtually no use (at least in GTA IV they had special perks if they liked you). Sure they could get annoying, but that was easily remedied with the phone's sleep option.
> Driving mechanics and damage were horrible. It's now possible for anyone to drive like a pro.
> And as you said, the lack of interiors. They decided to remove properties and mansions which is the exact opposite of what the majority of the GTA community wanted.

Not to mention, Rockstar's solution to a problem is to remove the feature completely (instead of actually fix it). For instance, free roam without blips worked fine in GTA IV. But what did they do? They released a patch that broke it. And they never fixed it....and they never will of course. Cockstargames.

So all in all, GTA V was so-so while it lasted in my opinion.